Chinese Communist Party (CCP) aggression in the Asia-Pacific region is on the rise. Military tension along the Himalayan border with India resulted in some 20 Indian soldiers perishing this past week. Chinese naval ships have been harassing the Japanese commercial fleet in the East China Sea, and exhibiting similar in Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Indonesian trade routes in the South China Sea. Domestically, the CCP is suppressing Hong Kong freedoms in violation of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration. Globally, the lack of COVID-19 related contrition or even transparency regarding the origin and spread may all contribute to China-related backlash or retaliation. Nearly all Pacific nations have aligned with the US against Chinese aggression. We find it odd that the CCP has chosen hostility in their weakened economic condition, a moment when they really need the rest of the world for their own recovery efforts. Unfortunately, this situation is unlikely to de-escalate anytime soon.  As an example, China’s defense spending is approaching four times India’s and that military show of strength compromises the Asia-Pacific region’s stability and sovereign rights. [source: World Bank and Bloomberg LP © 2020]