Our philosophy and process are deeply rooted in research-oriented careers. We believe thoughtful and rigorous investigation will lead not just to greater insight but also will expose the intellectual pitfalls that all market participants should consider when making investment decisions. Perhaps most important to us is the understanding that we do not have the franchise on that insight and we do not intrinsically possess all of the answers. Over the course of decades we have come to know, respect and follow authors, analysts, economists, portfolio managers, and pundits who offer unique and distinctive insight, challenge status quo thinking, and lead opinion formation. We may not agree with everything they have to say, but we are experienced enough to recognize as participants in a dynamic global market that it is absolutely essential to know what “the other guy” is thinking as much as to know your own mind.

What you will find here are curated links as well as redistributed content that we find particularly interesting and useful and would like to share with you. We will also selectively offer our own articles, white papers, and other thought pieces to augment what you will find in our library. Feel free to browse and read. The only thing we ask is if you choose to take and use anything you find here, please use it with the appropriate attribution.


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