Welcome to Wilde Capital Management (WCM).

WCM was founded with one purpose — to offer comprehensive but easy-to-access and simple-to-understand investment management services for individuals, families, and institutions of all sizes. We work with Fee-Only Financial Planners, Financial Advisors, Registered Investment Advisors, Family Offices and Institutional Consultants to provide these services to asset owners, as well as selectively accept direct client investment.

Our globally allocated portfolios

  • are constructed with straight-forward and efficient exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and community investment notes;
  • are built to broadly participate in the markets;
  • intelligently manage risk;
  • When selected by clients and their trusted advisors, deeply integrates values considerations and environmental, social, governance and positive impact factors;
  • pursue further investment opportunities as news and events unfold around the world that may affect short- and long-term investment outcomes.

Our stock-only portfolios

  • Created in partnership with Cirrus Research
  • Options for Developed US, International ADR, Global ADR, and the newest strategy, StockSnips

Our donor-advised fund and impact coinvestment initiative

  • Created in partnership with HealRWorld, the SDG Impact Fund, and Angels.Inc.
  • Targeted to building economic capacity for minority- and women-owned impact-oriented businesses with a particular focus in underbanked communities

As you explore our site, please take advantage of the resources we have made available here, including our blog and our library. If you are ready for a more in-depth discussion, please go to our contact page to reach out and we would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your investment needs in greater detail.