Our Client Approach

While many of the tools available to us in investing are universal, the needs of clients are not. Our approach and the career experience of our Partners allow us to craft one solution or a package of solutions that take the entire context of a client into account, even when managing just a portion of the overall assets. We consider short- and long-term objectives, cash flows, sustainable, impactful and charitable commitments, and even differing and competing priorities when multiple stakeholders are involved.

  • Individuals and Families
  • Small Businesses
  • Donor Advised Funds, Foundations and Endowments
  • Performing Artists

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For those interested in engaging with us to discuss your individual, family or institutional objectives, call us at (866) 894-5332 or email us at [email protected].

Individuals and Families

Whether earned or inherited, maintaining and building on personal wealth requires the same level of discipline and determination that generated that wealth in the first place. We craft client-specific portfolios which address targeted objectives, are designed to complement the client’s total wealth picture, or comprehensively manage the overall assets of the client. We are also experienced in the challenges of multi-generational wealth in a family. The needs and requirements of individual family members may not align, but the same discipline can be applied to solve for those needs either individually or collectively.  We can also take into account overarching family missions including philanthropy and how wealth can serve a number of different objectives in an integrated fashion.

Small Businesses

A retirement plan can be one of the most meaningful benefits a business makes available to its employees, and is also a powerful recruiting and retention tool for attracting and cultivating your human capital. It is not sufficient to just make a menu of investments available. We believe advice and guidance are critical to deriving the most advantage for employer and employees alike from this important and valuable benefit. Wilde Capital’s patient investing approach is perfectly aligned with the long-term nature of a retirement plan account. Our services are based on a combination of building a flexible and easy to use investment menu with the kind of institutional-quality guidance and insight that help plan participants invest intelligently for their futures.

Donor Advised Funds, Foundations and Endowments

The long-term objectives of charitable entities like foundations and endowments can be complex and challenge traditional approaches to wealth management that do not fully integrate all aspects of the mission, the goals of stakeholders, and cash flow and granting. Does an organization need to continue in perpetuity or exhaust itself in a set amount of time? Are there minimum granting targets that must be met? Are there ongoing contributions that partially or fully offset grantmaking activity? Is there a need to align investments with the mission of the organization? Wilde Capital Management can assume the role of “outsourced chief investment officer” taking discretion over investment decisions aligned to a framework agreed upon with the entity’s investment committee.

Performing Artists

Unpredictable earnings and lack of access to traditional employer-based resources are just two of many challenges performing artists face when managing their financial existences. Even artists that are union-contracted (SAG, AFTRA, AFM, etc.) are often dealing with steady income that is episodic for a limited show run, a movie, or a concert tour. In the current resource-constrained environment driving decisions at a number of historically stable performing arts institutions, even tenure-based positions face uncertainty as to future earnings, benefits, or even the existence of the organization. Of even greater concern is longevity. Some art forms like dance mean short active careers followed by the need to pivot to become directors, teachers, choreographers, designers, or even move into administrative roles or out of the art form entirely. One of our Partners, as a symphony-trained musician himself, has a deep understanding of the economic realities of being a performing artist, and takes an approach that charts a path to meeting long term investment objectives while acknowledging the short term volatility of earnings and the financial risks of being an artist.