The professionals at Wilde Capital Management have experience serving both donors and charities in structuring investments that support and amplify a philanthropic mission. Services include portfolio management for foundations, endowments, public charities, and donor advised funds, as well as for individuals and family offices that have assets set aside to fund charitable activities. In particular WCM has a specialty in sustainable and responsible investing as well as investing for impact, building portfolios which align the environmental, social, governance and impact attributes of the portfolio with charitable intent.

As part of WCM’s commitment to facilitating philanthropy for maximum positive change in the world, we are pleased to announce, in partnership with HealRWorld, Angels, Inc. and the SDG Impact Fund, the launch of two donor advised funds aligned for maximum impact for minority- and women-owned small enterprises and for improving media access for all and the promotion of positive and inspiring content.

For more information on the Angels.Inc. media for good donor advised fund, click here.

For more information on the HealRWorld small business donor advised fund, click here.

Wilde Capital Management is serving as the lead investment advisor for both donor advised funds. Our objective is to manage short-term assets, that are soon to be staged for commitment to funding the missions of each fund, in a purpose-aligned way with keen attention paid both to liquidity as well as alignment with the UN SDGs, with a particular focus on community-centric investing to increase economic capacity where traditional financial institutions have failed to deliver.

For intermediate and long-term endowed assets, WCM will be seeking investment targets with greater potential for return to fund the mission of each DAF, but also to create economic leverage by assuming investment positions which facilitate other asset owners and investors, including banks, insurance companies, family offices, pensions, etc. to join and invest alongside the donor advised funds. WCM will also be cultivating a portfolio of investments in small enterprises, through lending as well as equity, which will facilitate business and capital formation and expansion for women- and minority-led businesses geared to creating positive change in the world.

For more information or to make a donor commitment to improving access to capital for underserved businesses and communities as well as improving media access for positive change-makers in the world, email either or, or call us at 866-894-5332.