Five days, five topics, each looking ahead to challenges and opportunities to improve communities, society and the planet using the tools of capitalism. The state-of-the-art in ESG investment strategies, whether in public or private markets, begins to address these themes, but they are works in progress. Affecting the flow of capital is an important and necessary step toward improvement in each area, but isn’t enough on its own — even with massive mobilization the scale is global and the challenges daunting.

Our ESG Week discussions are difficult but hopeful. Come back each day and we will examine an issue, try to understand the scope, and begin to explore how investment can bring us closer to real and lasting solutions.

Monday, June 14th -- Regenerative Agriculture with Author and Filmmaker Marc Ian Barasch
Tuesday, June 15th -- Banking the Un/der-Banked with Justin Conway of Calvert Impact Capital
Wednesday, June 16th -- Medical Justice and Access to Healthcare with Ingrid Dyott of Neuberger Berman
Thursday, June 17th -- The Business of Human Trafficking  with Michele Bongiovanni of HealRWorld
Friday, June 18th -- Climate Justice with Professor Warren Senders of the New England Conservatory