WCM’s ESG service employs a broad and inclusive approach to sustainable, responsible and impact investing that melds our traditional fundamental, macroeconomic, technical and market structure considerations which drive tactical asset allocation decision making and investment selection, with themes and topics including some or all of the following which we integrate to build portfolios that avoid areas of severe controversy and prioritize investments that foster innovation, development and positive change globally. Our focus is on fostering dignity, fairness, and environmental and economic justice for all as framed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Global Compact.

  • Access to nutrition
  • Access to education
  • Access to health care
  • Access to housing
  • Economic opportunity and empowerment
  • Human rights and dignity
  • Safe workplaces
  • Ethical business and financial practices
  • Privacy
  • Resource efficiency
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Diversity, inclusion and equity
  • Indigenous rights
  • Climate change
  • Biodiversity
  • Conflict minerals
  • Eliminating human trafficking and modern slavery
  • Preventing genocide

Our approach embraces both the idea that integrating ESG factors into investment decisionmaking contributes positively to portfolio risk and return, and the idea that it is possible to address values-driven considerations in a way that does not demand concessionary returns. In other words, doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive objectives in the capital markets. We pursue economic return for the portfolio expressed in terms of risk and return (performance), and social, ethical and environmental returns expressed in terms of issues avoided and mitigated as well as positive change catalyzed through the allocation of capital.

Similar to our Core offerings, our ESG solution is available in global diversified portfolios allocated according to a client’s risk budget. Our primary offering integrates ESG-centric mutual funds, exchange traded funds and community investment notes along with our tactical asset allocation engine into a single account that is available on a number of custodial platforms. For larger investment amounts, a similar strategy can be implemented using individual securities including stocks and bonds.

For family offices, institutions, pensions and other asset owners investing at scale and potentially delving into non-traditional markets and structures including private equity and finance, real estate, hard assets, and other non-listed investments, WCM offers a bespoke consultative service to craft a total market solution based on a blended investment and values/ESG policy.