Wilde Capital Management’s service consists of capital markets research and insight, tactical and strategic global asset allocation decisionmaking, research and selection of securities, and trading and implementation of client accounts. In addition, we provide a framework and resources for seamless sales and relationship management for your clients that keep your team of professionals out front. We encourage our partners to repackage or even customize our materials and intellectual capital within legal and regulatory guidelines to emphasize the important role you play in the total wealth management relationship. Wilde Capital will position itself as an extension of your team. However, if your strategy is to draw a bright line between your team and investment and advisory service providers, we will be as visible and present with our own identity as your strategy requires.

Investment Services

  • Client profiling framework
  • Global capital markets research
  • Strategic global asset allocation
  • Market-responsive tactical asset allocation
  • Active client account rebalancing
  • Security selection (primarily mutual funds and exchange traded funds
  • Regular portfolio monitoring and risk management

Marketing and Communication Services

  • Periodic capital market and portfolio commentary
  • Real time portfolio trade updates
  • Right to use and repost blog and research library content
  • Customized client communications for mail, e-mail, website and social media
  • Client and advisor conference calls and periodic office visits
  • Participation in high potential client meetings (by appointment)

ESG, Impact Investing and Philanthropic Support

  • Philosophy,  process and framework for building an ESG-aligned practice
  • Newsletter content, blog posts, white papers and other content for client and public use
  • Skills and capacity building for advisory, consultant and CIO teams
  • Client engagement on critical topics
  • Deep expertise in mission-aligned investing in public charities, family foundations and donor advised funds