There are a few fees of which to be aware in the WCM Charitable Fund. The Triskeles Foundation charges a charitable administration fee that begins at 0.8% and tiers down with larger donor commitments to the Fund. Wilde Capital Management charges a fee of 0.3% for portfolio management and other services to the Fund. If a donor utilizes a financial advisor or consultant to assist with investments and giving, that practitioner may assess a fee for services rendered as well which is negotiated between the practitioner and the donor. Lastly, certain investments within the Giving and Legacy strategies, such as mutual funds and exchange traded funds, have embedded costs which, rather than being charged explicitly to the donor account, are included in the net performance of those investments. All such fees are displayed in regulatory filings which are available to donors upon request.

For a detailed description of the charitable administration fees from the Triskeles Foundation, follow this link: WCM Charitable Fund administrative fee schedule.


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