WCM believes that assets in the WCM Charitable Fund should be invested purposefully in support of the long term giving objectives of the donor, effectively compounding the benefits of the Fund. The investments should be broadly aligned with the mission and philanthropic purpose of the donor, and certainly not invested in a way that works against that mission.

The basic concept of “impact” is that investing in and owning securities can have intentional and unintentional consequences, both positive and negative. In constructing the Giving and Legacy portfolios, we focus on opportunities for positive and intentional impact. This may take the form of investing with a manager that utilizes shareholder proxies and direct engagement with companies to foster more sustainable environmental, social and governance practices. We may also invest with managers that focus on investments in bonds that support community infrastructure such as schools, sanitation, clean water and hospitals, or financing for low income housing. We also favor managers that use divestiture as a tool for addressing controversial activities such as the manufacture of cluster munitions, or conducting business with governments and institutions engaged in genocidal practices in regions such as Darfur, Syria and Myanmar. In the portfolio, we also make commitments to community investment vehicles which provide access to lending capital for mission-driven organizations globally in areas such as education, sustainable agriculture, affordable housing and community development.


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