First and foremost, the WCM Charitable Fund is set up to invest with a focus on the environmental, social and governance factors that determine whether investments are sustainable and aligned with the broader purpose of philanthropy. Put another way, we look for alignment of priorities and purpose between the charitable mission of the Fund and the underlying investments. Investments that do not value social and economic justice, care for the environment and ethical business and market conduct are not consistent with a charitable mission. We also look beyond simple alignment to the broader concept of impact, both direct and indirect. Through vehicles like community investment notes we seek to unleash direct impact by making capital accessible to those who are best situated to create social and environmental change. We also select investment managers and funds that seek out public market investments that are impactful, and actively engage and advocate for continuous improvement with companies that fall short of ideal.

For donors who intend to grant the majority of the funds within the first few years of establishing a donor advised fund, we have the WCM Giving Strategy. The Giving Strategy focuses on an allocation which is less exposed to market risk and more oriented toward immediate liquidity (easy and quick access to funds) to support current giving. For donors who envision establishing a donor advised fund that is meant to last for years if not generations, we have the WCM Legacy Strategy. The Legacy Strategy is geared toward investments for long-term growth while still maintaining a modest allocation for liquidity to support current giving requirements.


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