Every decision about how to deploy your money is a capital allocation decision. Whether it is buying a house, investing in the markets, or making a philanthropic gift, you are directing capital with intentionality and the expectation of a tangible and measurable result, whether it is making a home for your family, growing your wealth, or supporting good works in the community and the world at large. Even though the decision-making processes are similar, people rarely consider how their motivations for spending and investing might intersect with their motivations for giving and volunteering. Wilde Capital Management believes in the integration of a sense of purpose with both investing and charitable giving, and launched the WCM Charitable Fund to bring it all together.

What Is It?

The WCM Charitable Fund is a donor advised fund run in partnership with the Triskeles Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 public charity. As a donor, you make tax-deductible contributions to the WCM Charitable Fund, select a portfolio option to invest the funds, and begin making donations to the organizations and causes of your choosing whenever and however suits you. The only restriction on giving is that the receiving organization must be recognized as a charitable entity. And, if you are looking for guidance on identifying deserving organizations that fit with your donor mission, the philanthropic experts at the Triskeles Foundation stand ready to assist.

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Investing and Giving for Impact

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