WCM Disciplined Yield Portfolios combine income-focused investment content with WCM’s tactical management approach. Our mandate is to deliver total return with an emphasis on yield and stable dividend growth while providing dynamic exposure to the segments of the capital markets that offer superior fundamentals, favorable valuations and suitable risk characteristics.

In our experience, income-oriented strategies can deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns over time. The income stream can provide a key source of total return in addition to capital appreciation and can support portfolios during market downdrafts. The core of the Disciplined Yield portfolios is a group of equity ETFs that provide exposure to quality dividend growers. Companies that consistently grow their dividends tend to be higher quality and can deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over market cycles.


  • Focuses on global yield opportunities
  • Invests in equities of companies with a history of steadily growing dividends over time as the keystone of a high quality portfolio
  • Improves portfolio efficiency
  • Reduces volatility
  • Provides a return foundation to the portfolio
  • Active investment profile distinct from cap-weighted strategies by using “Smart Beta” ETFs

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